2018 is going to an amazing year for coin collectors. There are a number of new coins that are a collector’s must-haves. The following are some of the world coins of 2018 to watch out for:

Perth’s flagship silver and gold proof year of the dog coins

The release date for these coins is set for September 5th. They will have a wide range of sizes and the largest will have up to a kilo of silver.

Perth’s 2018 bullion coin program

This is set to be debut on September 11th. It will have a range of gold and silver 2018 year of the dog bullion coins which will come in a range of different sizes and shapes.

The 2018 Kookaburra

This is set to be released on October 4th. It will have the silver kangaroo which will be released on 23rd October and the koala which will be released on 8th January.

10-ounce silver wedge-tailed eagle

This is the first of its kind and it has been designed by John Mercanti. This design will presumably be on all versions of the coin for the whole year. This points to the fact that the mint will continue to use a new design by Mercanti every two years as it has proved so far.

The 2nd coin in the 1-ounce silver swan series

This coin comes from Perth Mint. It is a sequel to the first series which sold out in the first few days. There is also a dragon and tiger series release being planned which is also expected to be a great hit.

The Denver ANA show

These coins are a product of Coin Invest Trust. It will include coins such as pirate skulls, a cobra, Mount Everest and also an impressive meteorite coin. These coins are set to be released sometime in October.

New gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

This coin is meant to mark the 250th anniversary of Tecumseh who was one of Canada’s greatest military heroes during the war of 1812. The coin has been designed by Bonnie Ross who is a Canadian artist. The coin has a portrait of the legendary war leader which is presented in a three-quarter profile.

Taiwan year of the dog collector coins

On 16th January, the central bank of Taiwan announced that they will release two coins for collectors in celebration of the year of the dog.  The 100-yuan coin has a depiction of a standing Taiwan dog which is gold plated. It also has the date of the issuance of the coin.

If you are a coin collector then 2018 is your year. There is a variety of coins being released that will satisfy all the tastes for the various coin collections. Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself a little with some of these world coins of 2018. If you have not yet started a coin collection it’s never too late to start.