The Royal Canadian Mint produces all the coins circulating in Canada. It is a crown corporation which is operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The mint also produces circulation coins on behalf of other nations. A key reason why coin collectors should keep track of Canadian mint news.

It does the design and manufacture of special collector coin from both base and precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum and palladium bullion coins. They also manufacture medallions, medals, and tokens. The Royal Canadian Mint also offers other services such as silver and gold assay and refinery.

The Canadian Mint has opened the year with great news of exciting coin releases for 2018 and a numismatic catalog which is the first one in 2018.

The following are some of the coins to be on the look-out for from the Mint:

Two-anniversary editions; silver maple leaf bullion coin

2018 $5 1oz.

2018 Silver Maple Leaf 2x incused

The Royal Canadian Mint is celebrating its 30 years of success in 2018. The mint has chosen to issue two versions of its iconic 1oz silver bullion coin to mark this special occasion. The coins will have reverses that are inspired by the signature maple leaf design. One version will incorporate an intricate engraving of the signature maple leaf reverse design that is intertwined with the numeral “30”. The other will feature the first ever double-incuse engraving of both Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II effigy and the maple leaf reverse.


Both versions of the silver maple leaf bullion coin have a finish which consists of an array of precisely machined radial lines, their reverse also contains a micro-engraved security mark which is in the shape of a maple leaf containing the numeral “18” which denotes the year of issue.

The proof silver dollar

This silver set recognizes the 240th anniversary of Captain Cook in celebration of the exploration of Canada. The design is by John Horton who is a well known maritime artist.

240th Anniversary Captain Cook

The $100 and $200 gold coin sets

This 14-KT $100 gold coin also contains indigenous history. It contains a Bonnie Ross design which pays tribute to the 250th anniversary of Tecumseh’s birth. The $200 pure gold coin will honor the Algonquian people. It will contain elaborate artwork by Alan Daniel who is a renowned artist.



$200 pure gold coin Canadian coastal symbols

This coins-set is made up of 99.99% gold. The Pacific will be the first design in a series of three coin designs. This series is designed by Cathy Bursey-Sabourin.

$200 Pure Gold – The Pacific

Fine silver coin – the 13 teachings from grandmother moon

The spirit moon is the first coin in a 13-series coin set that has been designed by Frank Polson who is an Algonquin artist.

If you are a coin collector, then 2018 will be an amazing year for you with all these coin releases from the Canadian mint. There is so much to keep you excited this year’s coin release period. The coins set for release are a must have for everyone who considers him/herself to be a coin enthusiast- keep an eye on Canadian mint news for any new information.