Greetings From ANA

So I have been remiss in posting, but I have a super good excuse. I am out in Colorado Springs at the ANA Summer Session (summer seminar) (both weeks), so the numismatist out there knows what I am talking about. For those of you that are thinking, so you are on vacation, why do I care? Well the ANA is the American Numismatic Association. So I am at coin camp/school for two weeks at the headquarters of the ANA There have been doing summer session for over 50 years. Dealers, writers, experts, and collectors come from all over the world to take and teach classes. It is like coin nirvana for collectors.

Now I get to do two things while I am out here. Take amazing classes and get to talk to and meet people who are just at the top of their game. I also have the privilege of getting to be the auctioneer for the fun auction they have mid-week to raise funds for the YN’s (Young Numismatists) scholarships. It is quite fun to see all these 13-18-year-olds who have such a love of the hobby. It is also fun to have one of them be my “boss” for the auction.
Last week I took a class on Coins of the Americas (with American being the continent, not the USA/colonies). Besides being able to let my history flag fly, we got to see some IMPRESSIVE coins. Between the instructors collections and a very generous class member, we saw coins that, well most people never get to see in person. It was quite fun, even for this newbie!

I promise that I will be more diligent when I get back, but as I am deep into classes again (Early American Coppers & National Bank Notes), my time is quite pressed.


Enjoy the photos below!