National Bank Notes

So I am home and rested, or at least I am getting there. My second week out at ANA was a blast. I was going to write one post for my second week but have decided to split it into two. The second part will be about my class on coppers (link here).

To start, the mini session on National Bank Notes (NBN) was quite fascinating.It was wild to go from the world where a mintage (or surviving mintage) of 10,000 makes a coin rare to the Colonial time where known specimens of 10 make the item an “ungettable” get, to NBN’s, where if there are six then it is considered common. This will make your brain bend in strange ways.

The whole NBN study, collection, and verification process are so unlike coins. From figuring out the time it was made, as the overlaps in series are about 20 years, to tracking down who are the real signatures, I can understand how this a speciality within a speciality.

See the fibers, so cool!

The above picture is one thing I love to see, we think about our money as just something we use, but it was made, it was created, and all things made are perfect in their non-perfection. That is just awesome!

We only had about 6h of class, but it was 6 hours that were jammed packed with info. Also, it seems that in order to really be good, I need to have like 10 reference books, then just make friends with lots of individuals who know a lot more than I do, or will ever know on this subject.