I got this post today from a friend. It is a great post about special coins.

I liked that they talked about coin varieties that are unique and can fetch more then their face value. However I want to tell you that there are more then just these eight instances. There are literally over thousands. The coin world even had books dedicated to this specialty. People that focus on this are called “Cherrypickers”, probably because this is the books they use.

In my last post I also talked about a coin that is the “bees knees” of the coin world, it is also a special coin, however most people are not going to have that one floating around in their pocket.

What to look for

So you are thinking, well I want 2 million, which we all do, but getting $1 for a dime is cool. So what can you look for that you might actually have. Well if you have any of the proof set from the below years open them up and check it out. The San Francisco mint is the one making the mint sets as of 1968 and these years they forgot to pint the s mint park on some coins. Now I am thinking after doing this one or two times they might remember, but you never know…. (the vary by year in blue, black or purple cases)

1968S no S on 10¢

1970S no S on 10¢

1971S no S on 5¢

1975S no S on 10¢

1983s no S on 10¢

1990S no S on 1¢

In terms of coins in circulation, Roosevelt Dimes have multiple years of double dies, mint marks over other mint marks, re punched mint marks, Washington Quaters have the same kind of unique coins…there are many many varieties, but as a general guide……

  1. Wars make life hard, check all coins produced between 1941-1945. This is where the most intense changes are in the 20th Century.
  2. Any any coin guru will tell you, double strikes are not as valuable as die doubling
  3. 1960-1968 Proof sets also had a lot of double dies
  4. If you can’t see it with a 7x loop, then it probably is not there!

Most of these special coins you see in the new selling for more (a lot more) than face values are accidents. The initial people that found them were just looking thru coins and BAM. Now coin collectors look at more coins than the average Joe, so they tend to find them more often, but it is just a matter of numbers!

Call me

If you ever think you have one of the special coins, call us (email, text, you know get in touch). We will be more than happy to walk you thru the diagnostics on any coin, at NO OBLIGATION, to help you determine if you are a winner!